Items Needed:

8 Cups of Same Color and Type Per Team
1 Cup of Different Color Per Team (Same type of cup as the other 8 just different color)


Cycle the odd cup from the bottom of the stack to the top by moving one cup at a time.


All 9 cups will be in a stack with the odd colored cup at the bottom of the stack.  The player must move one cup at a time from the top of the stack to the bottom of the stack, trying to get the odd colored cup to the top of the stack.  

If the player grabs more than one cup, they must place them back and then grab only one cup to continue playing.

This is a team competition to see who can get the odd colored cup to the top first!

Source: Funtastic Games, Volume 1 by Jonathan Wells

Jonathan Wells

Youth Pastor of Parkside Baptist Church in Mesquite, Texas.

Jonathan has over 10 years experience of working with children’s ministries as he traveled in child evangelism and served as the children’s director at Parkside Baptist Church. He is now serving as the youth pastor and media director.

Jonathan is married to Heather and they have been married since 2010.