There is a big difference between going soul winning at designated times of the week and being a soul winner. Being a soul winner should be in our DNA; we should be soul winners all the time, not just during designated times of the week. We ought to live, breathe, and sleep soul winning. One of the ways that help us develop this mentality is by using Gospel tracts. Here are some helpful ideas:

  1. Build a tract rack and mount it somewhere in a highly visible area such as the church hallway. This will allow people to give out Gospel tracts continually.
  2. Give someone in your church the ministry of rubber-banding 10 Gospel tracts into a bundle.
    • This gives someone a ministry
    • This allows the tracts to be easily grabbed and handled
    • This allows us to keep track of how many tracts are being passed out
    • This also allows for competition from time to time. Two times a year during our Spring and Fall Campaigns, we have what we call “Children’s Tract Attack.” It is during these times that we load one of our buses with our children and chaperones, and we send them to pass out tracts for 1 1/2 hours. We allow the distribution of tracts to be counted as team points.
  3. You would be amazed at how many people will become more involved in passing out Gospel tracts if you promote it and it becomes an important part of everyone’s lives. I tell our people we ought to pass out tracts like running water.
  4. Sometimes it is very difficult for a new soul winner to verbally share the Gospel. While we are training them to become thorough soul winners, passing out Gospel tracts is an absolute must because it will continue to keep the need of sharing the Gospel before them.
  5. Passing out Gospel tracts on a regular basis should also be a part of every believer’s daily life. There have been many people who have received Christ as their Saviour and visited our church because someone handed them a Gospel tract.

    My good friend, Dr. Carl Hatch, who preached with me many times, used to say that your pockets and purses are tract holders and we ought always to make sure that they have Gospel tracts in them.


Dr. Mike Wells

Parkside Baptist Church
Mesquite, Texas