In the digital age we live, creating an interactive display for your missionary letters is a great asset!

There are many ways to create your own display. I’ll just be sharing what we do with our missions display.

Things we used for our display:

  1. Samsung DC40E TV
  2. TablerTV 40″ M3 for Samsung DC40E
  3. TV wall mount
  4. Mac Mini
  5. Mac Mini wall mount
  6. Power Manager App
  7. Keynote
  8. Keynote Missions Template from Paul Conner

Once we purchased everything, we designed a space in a main hallway of our church to hold the display.

We mounted the Mac Mini behind the display. The Mac runs the keynote presentation. The presentation itself is a simple Keynote with links to navigate from slide to slide.

We purchased a template from Paul Conner and customized it to fit our needs.

You will need the Power Manager App to schedule startup and shutdown of the Keynote and the computer. We never have to worry about whether or not the TV will be on and running as the app takes care of it all for us. For special events and conferences, I just adjust the schedule accordingly.

The touch glass covers the entire TV and plugs into the computer via USB. The display glass then acts as the mouse. This is what allows the screen to be interactive.

Once it’s all set up, maintenance is very minimal. When we receive new missionary letters or videos, we simply add them to the presentation. Our entire setup cost about $4,000. The majority of the cost is the display and the computer.


Jonathan Wells

Jonathan has over 20 years of experience working with marketing and technology. He was the media director at Parkside Baptist Church for 13 years. He is now travels helps others with their marketing and technology needs.