While one of the most obvious roles of the choir member is to sing, it is not the only role that must be understood. Another role of the choir member is to be supportive of whatever is taking place on the platform at the time. Choir members must remember that they are in the view of everyone in the auditorium and those watching online. Whether it be the congregational singing, the announcements, the special music, or the preaching, a good choir member must appear to be fully engaged and in full agreement of whatever is taking place 100% of the time.

In today’s society, it is hard to keep people’s attention. For some, any little thing could cause their attention to deviate from what it should be focused on. When a choir member is not fully engaged, they often become a distraction. Becoming a distraction could result in something so “small” as causing someone to miss an announcement to something so great as someone missing a life-changing truth or even not hearing the Gospel.

Below are some of the most frequent distractions created by choir members:


This is probably the #1 distraction committed by a choir member. Choir members should refrain from talking or whispering while in the choir loft. People actually do watch the choir members while in the choir loft. Talking and whispering creates a distraction to those in the congregation and could cause folks to wonder what you are talking about, thus causing them to lose focus on what is actually taking place at the time.


A choir member could be completely focused on the service, but look like they are in a daze or in extreme pain! Always remember that your countenance speaks volumes. It could tell when you are interested or disinterested, in agreement or in disagreement, or excited or unenthused.


Counting the number of light fixtures, watching people in the congregation, or even waving at people in the congregation are perfect examples of not paying attention. These actions, and those similar cause immediate distractions as people watching you are now trying to figure out whatever you are focused on. Be careful to keep your focus on the platform activity!


We are all guilty ourselves of trying to focus when we get that “little” text notification from our phone and we immediately fight the desire to check it and respond. A simple rule of thumb, leave your phone in a safe and secure place but do not bring it into the choir loft. The distraction of our phone can cause us to be a distraction to those in the service.


Dr. Kacy Palmore

Music & Business
Parkside Baptist Church
Mesquite, Texas