Turn your weekly church visitation into “The Soul Winning Rally.” Just the name alone adds a new energy as to the way people will view soul winning, turning what may seem like a boring meeting into an exciting rally. Here are some helpful ideas of how to do a soul winning rally:

  1. Have a designated day and time that you promote to your church for your soul winning rally. We hold ours on Saturday morning, promptly at 10. Though we have 8 other separate church times for soul winning, Saturday is the one most well-attended—it is when most of our people are available.
  2. Have a designated place to meet. We used to meet in a large assembly room we called “the soul winning room” but we outgrew it; now we meet in the church auditorium. Do not pick a room that is too large for your crowd; picking a small room, to begin with, will add excitement because it will make your crowd appear larger. As your crowd grows and you need to add more chairs than you have space, move to a larger meeting place.
  3. I have an assistant pastor or faithful man to lead an exciting song.
  4. Following the song, I get up and read the results of the previous Sunday, such as the attendance on buses and drive-in, public professions, and baptisms. Then I read the upcoming week’s birthdays, anniversaries, and church events.
  5. The same assistant pastor or faithful man comes to lead the second song after our announcements.
  6. Following this song, I get up and give either a soul winning tip or an inspiring challenge, depending on the present need.
  7. At the end of the challenge, I give instruction of where to meet if someone needs a soul winning partner; this location is always the same. In our church, all our bus routes are zoned to different areas. We also have soul winning teams zoned to different areas. We assign new soul winners to either bus routes or zones of other soul winning leaders. We always match a new soul winner up with a seasoned soul winner.