1 Corinthians 14:40, “Let all things be done decently and in order.”

How to Organize Your Ushers

  1. Choose ushers that are willing to commit to a schedule.
  2. Choose ushers that are willing to take instruction.
  3. Give each prospective usher an Ushers’ Handbook or Ushers’ Commitment Form to read and to sign acknowledging what is expected of them and their willingness to comply.
  4. Have ushers’ meetings at least once a quarter to point out anything that needs to be corrected. The ushers’ meeting is also important for your ushers to express any concerns they might have.
    1. I will usually choose a couple of key issues that are most important. It is always good to remind the ushers how important their job is to our pastor and to our Saviour.
  5. Post an ushers’ schedule.
    1. I will ask the ushers to commit to at least one service a week. We have permanent ushers and substitute ushers.
    2. Once every usher has committed to a schedule, I will post the schedule in the ushers’ closet.
    3. I ask all ushers if they will not be able to usher for the service that they are assigned to, they will need to let the head usher know ahead of time.
    4. Always schedule more ushers than you need.
    5. It’s good to always post the same ushers in the same section of the church.
  6. Appoint someone to be the head usher.
    1. The head usher should be someone who is faithful to all services.
    2. Someone with leadership skills.
    3. Someone who dresses sharp.
    4. Someone who is not a hot head.
    5. The head usher should be the one in the back of the auditorium making sure all ushers are in their place and making sure that things flow as smooth as possible.
  7. If possible, purchase matching ushers’ jackets.
    1. We not only budget money for ushers’ jackets; we also budget money to dry-clean them three times a year.
  8. Teach your ushers to dress sharp and greet everyone with a smile.
  9. Train your ushers how to eliminate distractions in the church.
    1. When greeting visiting families to the church, if they have a baby, show them where the nursery is at.
    2. Teach them how to deal with disruptive people in the service.
  10. Constantly remind them how much you appreciate them and how important their position is to their pastor.


Mark Butler

School Principal
Ushers & Greeters
Parkside Baptist Church
Mesquite, Texas