What kind of nation are we becoming? We are becoming a nation of lawlessness and violence.
-We have alcoholic beverage and other drugs to destroy our bodies.
-We have immorality and perversion to destroy our homes.
-We have vandalism and mischief to destroy our properties.
-We have gangs and violence to destroy our schools.
-We have hatred and bitterness in the neighborhoods to destroy our cities.
-We have false religion and cults to destroy our churches.
-We have lies and scandals by politicians to destroy our government.

What is needed? There is only one solution. The only hope for our country is a sweeping revival.

I want to strongly state that a Heaven-sent revival can save any nation! Do you want proof? Read Jonah Chapter 3 and find what happened in ancient Nineveh. Next search for information about the Welsh revival of 1904-05 when the jails were closed because there was no crime.

How can such a revival take place in our country this year? First, I must get right with God. Second, you must get right with God. You and I are part of our beloved country. One by one each member of our nation needs to get saved, baptized, join a Bible-believing church, and get busy obeying Almighty God!

Psalm 85:6 “Wilt thou not revive us again: that thy people may rejoice in thee?”


Dr. Byron Foxx

President, Bible Truth Music
Dr. Byron Foxx is an evangelist, music publisher, songwriter, and the founder and president of Bible Truth Music. As an evangelist, he preaches about 500 times each year in about 100 cities. He also directs city-wide evangelistic campaigns called God Bless America Rallies.

Bible Truth Music is a conservative Christian music publishing company that provides music to over 7,000 churches! The Bible Songs for Kids series, the Bible Truth Hymnal, and the new Bible Stories For Kids are gaining wide distribution.