1 Corinthians 14:40, “Let all things be done decently and in order.”

Make to-do lists.
Write out what you want to accomplish.

Set your priorities.
Put the most important items at the top of the list.

Avoid perfectionism.
Do things with excellence, but perfectionism may be an extreme that you need to avoid if it takes too much time.

Question everything.
Don’t allow habits or emotion to keep you from eliminating items from your calendar and “to do” lists. If it doesn’t work, get rid of it.

Welcome tension.
Don’t let stress paralyze you; let it move you toward your goal. Many times tension can help improve your focus and enable you to do the job more effectively.

Avoid clutter.
Clutter will get in the way of what you are doing. Don’t waster time searching for things; put everything in its proper place.

Avoid procrastination.
First things are first. Easy things and fun things come afterwards.

Control interruptions and distractions.
Minimize the amount of time that people take away from your main objective.

Staff your weaknesses.
Know your strengths as a leader, and employ staff members or volunteers who are gifted in the areas of your weaknessess. This is the beauty of the Body of Christ.

Use a calendar.
Organizing your days will help save time and prioritize tasks.